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Meltblown PP
Meltblown PP
Meltblown PP
Meltblown PP
Meltblown PP
Meltblown PP
Meltblown PP
Meltblown PP
Meltblown PP
Meltblown PP
Meltblown PP

Meltblown PP

Professional Manufacturer in China
1200 T/Day Production Capacity
20+ Years of Production Experience
60+ Countries & Regions Exported

Dawn Polymer has 20 years of production history of meltblown materials since 2003. The melt-blown material produced by high-quality polypropylene granule has the characteristics of stable MFR and small fluctuation range, narrow molecular weight distribution, low ash content, no other product residues, and excellent spinning performance. Due to Dawn's significant position in China's meltblown material industry, it took the lead in drafting the national standard GB/T 30923-2014 for plastics-Polypropylene materials for meltblown, playing a positive role in regulating the market and product quality of China's meltblown materials. Dawn Polymer has been the largest manufacturer of meltblown materials in China with a production capacity of 1,200 tons per day, and it has thousands of customers in China. (Download-Meltblown PP-PDF)

From 2019 to the beginning of 2023, the whole world suffered from the COVID-19, and Dawn Polymer made a significant contribution to the world's epidemic prevention. Its meltblown materials were exported to more than 60 countries and regions such as Turkey, Iran, Egypt. With hundreds of overseas customers, Dawn Polymer are welcomed by users all over the world.

Typical Grades of Meltblown PP

In order to meet the needs of different regions and different equipment, Dawn Polymer has developed and produced a series of meltblown materials, including Z-800, Z-1200, Z-1500, Z-1500L (low odor), Z-1500E (including electret masterbatch), Z-1500H (high temperature resistance), Z-1800 (suitable for high-speed lines), electret masterbatch, etc. It can also customize the production of special grades according to customer needs.


Test Method

Unit Z-1200 Z-1500 Z-1800


IS0 1133-1

g/10min 1200 1500 1800
Ash Content

ISO 3451-1

% 0.015 0.015 0.018


ISO 1269






ISO 16014-4

/ 3.2 2.8 3.0
  • Z-800 product has high fluidity, stable melting index, low ash content, and no peroxide residue. It is suitable for disposable medical hygiene, oil-absorbing cotton, oil-absorbing felt, filter cloth, etc.
  • Z-1200 product has low ash content and good processability, which is suitable for medical protection, personal hygiene materials, industrial environment, sound absorption and noise reduction fields.
  •  With good processability, Z-1500 products are recommended for industrial environments. In addition, it is also suitable for medical protection and personal hygiene materials.
  • Z-1500L grade meltblown material has the remarkable characteristics of low odor and low VOC. It is widely used in fields that have strict requirements on odor, such as melt-blown non-woven fabrics, masks, isolation gowns, diapers, and automotive sound-absorbing cotton.
  • Z-1500E grade melt-blown material is a special material for melt-blown fabrics with electret static effect. It can maintain long-term filtration performance, low charge attenuation rate, and does not affect the normal cleaning cycle and service life of the spinneret. It is widely used in melt blown non-woven fabrics, isolation clothing, masks, filter materials, and other fields.
  • In addition to the characteristics of low odor and low VOC, the Z-1500H product also has long-term heat resistance, which is suitable for melt-blown non-woven fabrics, automotive heat insulation pads, etc.
  • Z-1800 product has super high flow and good processability, recommended for industrial environment. In addition, it is also suitable for medical protection and personal hygiene materials.
  • GM01 electret masterbatch is a natural white cylindrical uniform particle. With ultra-high fluidity, it has good compatibility with high MFI melt blown PP material. For the same fiber fineness and gram weight demand, it can effectively reduce the ventilation resistance of the melt blown nonwoven fabric and maintain its long-term filtration efficiency. It is a clean material and does not affect the normal cleaning cycle and service life of the spinneret. It can be applied to produce melt-blown nonwoven fabrics. Recommended adding ratio is 1% to 5%.


Medical Protection

Personal Hygiene


Sound Absorption& Noise Reduction


Meltblown PP for medical nonwoven applications

Meltblown PP for hygiene and personal care applications

Meltblown PP for automotive interior applications

Dawn melt blown series material have been developed by selecting polypropylene granules with high regularity, which can meet the functional requirements of medical protection, filtering equipment, sanitation and cleaning, sound absorption and noise reduction. This series of products also can meet the requirements of customers for hydrostatic pressure, heat resistance and attenuation resistance. What’s more, we can provide customized services according to your requirement. Welcome to inquire!


When was Dawn's Melt-blown PP developed?

Dawn's melt-blown PP have been in production since 2003. Over the years, we have been involved in the formulation of national standards for polypropylene melt-blown materials.

What are the current products of Melt-blown PP?

We have successfully developed and applied products such as Z-1200, Z-1500, Z-1500E (a specialized product for masks during the pandemic), Z-1500H (high-temperature resistant), Z-1800 (suitable for high-speed lines), and conductive masterbatches. Of course, we can also customize processing and production according to customer's melt index. In 2020, we sold over 100,000 tons, solidifying Dawn's position as the leader in melt-blown materials in China.

Can it be used to produce medical nonwoven fabrics?

The material-polypropylene pellets can be used to produce various types of meltblown fabrics for masks, which meet medical standards. Our company can not only provide high-quality high MFR homopolypropylene raw materials but also provide electret masterbatch.

What about the Packaging and container loading capacity?

25kg kraft paper bag or 600kg container bag package;12-13 tons for 20 feet container,24-26 tons for 40 feet container.