Located by the Bohai Bay, Dawn Group was founded in 1991, which focuses on the research and development, production, sales and application of new materials. Decades in trials and hardships, Dawn has always adhered to the road of integration of science, industry, trading, logistics and finance, which has formed a coordinated development pattern of major and auxiliary industries, such as chemical plastic trading, new polymer materials, titanium dioxide, modern logistics, coal industry and trading, financial services and other industries. It has been among the top 500 private enterprises in China for consecutive years. 

In January 2017, Dawn polymer, a subsidiary of Dawn Group, was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Our Industry Chain

Strategy-led and innovation-driven

Dawn Group focuses on the strategic goal of “focusing on the plastic & rubber ecosphere and the whole high-end polypropylene industry chain , strengthening the two major industries, improving the related industries, realizing the modernizations、technicalization & internationalization, and building a 100 billion-level enterprise”, and continues to make leapfrog development to become an industrial leader.

Plastics and Rubber Industry Ecosystem

Dawn has more than 30 years of experience in the chemical and plastics trading industry. It is mainly engaged in various synthetic resins, synthetic rubbers and other products. PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC and Shell, Basell, Saudi Aramco and other large Chinese and foreign petrochemical companies have solid cooperative relationship with Dawn Group. Now Dawn is the regional first-level distributor or agents of them.

Following the new tendency of digital economy, Dawn built an industrial Internet platform to realize the organic integration of online and offline, and provided a one-stop service ecosystem for the plastics industry.

High-end polyolefin industry chain

With years of advantages in the chemical and plastics industry, Dawn strives to build a high-end polyolefin industry chain integrating R&D, polymerization, modification and application, to build, supplement, extend and strengthen the chain for promoting high-quality development.

New Polymer Material Industry

Technology leads the future. Dawn Polymer New Material Industry has 6 nationally recognized high-tech enterprises. With a reasonable corporate layout, it can timely provide customers with one-stop service solutions from material selection, structural design to product matching. High-performance dynamic vulcanized thermoplastic elastomer technology takes the lead in the world, and its products rank among the top in domestic and overseas market share.

The preparation technology of hydrogenated nitrile rubber breaks the international monopoly; the scale of modified plastics ranks among the top three in the industry; The sales of special materials for health and sanitary materials such as melt-blown materials are among the top in the industry; Plastic masterbatch has been the "hidden champion" in this subdivided area; High-precision mold design and manufacturing, precision injection molding, and medical and health products have won a reputation for quality; Continuous integration and innovation from raw material formula, equipment, products to applications makes the high-end parallel BICO nonwoven materials recognized by the industry as "nonwoven softness experts".

Titanium Industry

Industry benchmark, green development. Dawn Titanium Industry Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise. It is the first in China to use titanium-rich materials as raw materials to produce rutile titanium dioxide. The whole production line realizes clean and green production. It has been rated as an energy efficiency leader benchmark enterprise by the CPCIF for many consecutive years, and it is the first national green factory demonstration enterprise recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. After the intelligent project is put into production, it will achieve a production capacity of 300,000 tons. Constructed and managed by Dawn, the Longkou New Material Technology Industrial Park and the Dawn Lingang Industrial Park are the core carriers for the development of strategic emerging industries. It will form the development pattern of "two parks linkage, six districts in one", accelerate the construction of industrial chain, product chain and enterprise chain and create a 100 billion-level industrial cluster and ecological industrial park.

Product-oriented, People-based, Technology-led, and Customer first. Dawn Group relies on the scientific research platform to gather high-end talents, realize technological innovation, and empower the development. Dawn new materials continue to create value for customers, and make life more comfortable, transportation more convenient and environment better.

While developing the company, Dawn stays true to give back to the society. It established special funds to improve the environment, donate to schools, and support the construction of beautiful villages, etc. The hard-core performance in the fight against the COVID-19 has been thanked and commended by the State Council, the Ministry of Science and Technology and Shandong Province. Dawn used practical actions to interpret its social responsibility. Dawn is trailblazers, strugglers and dream chasers. In accordance with the "14th Five-Year" strategic plan, Dawn is striding forward to the "two hundred billion level" goal of management modernization, industrial technicalization, and market internationalization!