Unlocking the secret of Dawn Ultramarine

What is Ultramarine?

Ultramarine is an inorganic pigment with excellent color and dyeing properties. It is commonly used as a coloring agent in fields such as painting, ink, and plastics. Ultramarine can be divided into natural ultramarine and synthetic ultramarine, with synthetic ultramarine widely used in modern industrial production.

What are the main applications of ultramarine?

Coloring: Used in paint, rubber, printing and dyeing, ink, oilcloth, painting, and exterior walls of buildings.
Whitening: Used in papermaking, knitting industry, detergents, clothing and footwear materials, and white products. The whitening effect can eliminate the yellow light in white coatings or other white pigments.
Painting: Ultramarine powder, when mixed separately with linseed oil, glue, and acrylic, can be made into oil paint, watercolor, gouache, and acrylic paint. Ultramarine is a mineral pigment, transparent, with weak covering power but bright hue, not suitable for painting very dark tones, but suitable for decorative colors, especially commonly used in traditional Chinese architecture.
Color blending: Adding ultramarine to black and gray colors can give them a soft luster.
Other applications:
Used in plastics such as PVC-R/PVC-P/PP/PE/ABS/PC/PMMA/POM/PA/PET or PF spinning. Ultramarine can be used as an antioxidant for fluororesin, a hydrocracking catalyst, and to absorb oil from seawater.

Technical Data of Dawn Ultramarine

On October 6th, Shandong Longkou Shuanglong Chemical Co., Ltd.'s ultramarine project officially commenced production! This marks a significant milestone for Dawn Group's titanium industry sector, listed among the top 500 private enterprises in China. As the largest ultramarine production base in China and the third largest in the world, Shandong Longkou boasts excellent production infrastructure and outstanding professional talents.

The "Shuanglong" brand ultramarine is a well-known domestic brand, ensuring quality and stability through advanced production equipment, professional technical personnel, rigorous production control, and strict testing procedures. Its products are exported to markets in Central and South Asia, Central and South America, and Africa.

Dawn Ultramarine Blue is waiting for your arrival!