Sinopec Guests Praised Dawn and Promoted the Further Upgrading of Strategic Cooperation between Them

On the morning of May 11th, Xu Shanming, the Party Secretary of the North China Branch of SINOPEC Chemical Commercial Holding Company Limited, and his delegation visited Dawn Group for exchange and discussion. The purpose of the visit was to enhance the friendship, expand the consensus, deepen the cooperation, and seek common development. Yu Xiaoning, Chairman and CEO of Dawn Group, Vice President Xie Yuntao, Chen Qingkui, Director of Dawn Research Institute, and Wang Zefang, Executive Vice General Manager of Dawn Polymer, accompanied the visit.

Secretary Xu Shanming and his delegation visited the Dawn Group headquarters and the Dawn New Materials Science and Technology Industrial Park in Longkou City. They had an in-depth understanding of Dawn's corporate profile, development history, industrial layout, technological innovation, product performance, corporate culture, and social responsibility. They also praised Dawn's achievements in high-end, platform-based, green, and cluster-based high-quality development.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinopec, the North China Branch of SINOPEC Chemical Commercial Holding Company Limited is responsible for the overall coordination of chemical products, market marketing, product sales, logistics operations, and customer service for Sinopec's enterprises in North China, Northeast China, and Northwest China regions. It is also responsible for the procurement and supply of related chemical raw materials needed for production by Sinopec's affiliated enterprises.

According to the introduction, over the past 20 years of cooperation, Dawn Group has been a key customer of Sinopec and has been awarded the "Outstanding Contribution Award." Dawn Polymer has been a "Strategic Partner" of Sinopec. Secretary Xu Shanming affirmed the cooperation achievements of both sides, recognized Dawn's marketing concept of "Customers are partners, cooperation creates win-win situations," and hoped that them would strengthen multi-field, all-round, and deep-level cooperation to become strong and powerful strategic partners.