Shandong Radio and Television Focuses On Dawn’s Melt-blown Material

On the evening of April 13th, the news channel of Shandong Radio and Television, with the title of "Made in Shandong Helps National Epidemic Prevention", focused on Dawn Polymer's sufficient material supply for Chinese epidemic prevention and control with its manufacturing advantages to produce at full capacity.

Melt-blown fabric is the core material of the mask, and its fiber is only one-fifth the size of a human hair. Dawn Polymer, located in Longkou City, is a leading enterprise in new materials cultivated by Shandong Province. It has a number of patented technologies including ultra-high-flow melt-blown polypropylene material for non-woven fabrics. Orders from home and abroad have surged recently.

Xu Xuemei, R&D manager of Dawn Polymer, said, "Dawn can achieve a fiber fineness of one-fifth of the hair, which can provide a higher level of prevention and control with a filtration efficiency of over 95%. "

Wu Di, deputy general manager of Dawn Polymer, said that the factory were in 24 hours’ uninterrupted production, and the daily production of 300 tons of special materials for melt-blown fabrics could meet the production demand of 300 million masks. It is understood that in addition to ensuring domestic demand, Dawn Polymer’s export volume are now increasing every day.

As a key guarantee enterprise for national epidemic prevention and control, Dawn Polymer is the national standard-setting unit of "Plastic Polypropylene Meltblown Special Material". While fully guaranteeing the supply of polypropylene meltblown special materials, it also undertook key technologies and industrialization emergency R&D projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission for protective maskswhich made outstanding contributions to epidemic prevention and control at home and abroad.