Ranked First Again!

On December 27th, Longkou City held a project observation meeting for its high-quality development projects in 2023. Zhang Shaopeng, Deputy Secretary of the Longkou Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, along with all municipal-level leaders, leaders from various towns and districts, and relevant departments of Longkou, attended the event. Among the 18 projects observed and evaluated throughout Longkou city, Dawn Polymer's new materials expansion project ranked first, highlighting its increasingly prominent role in high-quality development. This marked Dawn's second consecutive victory, following its first-place ranking in the Longkou City high-quality development project observation last year.

According to the introduction, the expansion project of Dawn Polymer's new materials primarily focuses on the production of thermoplastic elastomers (TPV), modified plastics, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), polyols, hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber (HNBR), compound rubber, and other products. Once the project reaches full production capacity, Dawn Polymer is set to become the second-largest producer of TPV at home and abroad and the second-largest producer of modified plastics in China.

"Our thermoplastic elastomer products have a high content of value, environmental protection property and innovation. They not only are green, high-end, and high-molecular new materials crucial to the national economy and people's livelihoods, but also are new technologies and products to solve challenging problems. We are committed to continuously extending the chain, making breakthroughs in chain supplementation, and strengthening the chain aggregation, which aims at building a leading provider of new material solutions," said Tian Hongchi, the General Manager of Dawn Polymer.

As Dawn's industrial chain, product chain, and enterprise chain continue to refine and extend, a wave of project construction enthusiasm is spreading from Longkou to Qingdao, from Chongqing to Guangdong. Numerous key projects are progressing systematically. The observation group visited the digital intelligent industrial control instrument and valve production project invested and constructed by Dawn's joint venture enterprise, Shandong Dongpeng Automatic Control Instrument Co., Ltd. The leaders in attendance expressed their appreciation for the manufacturing level and product performance of this project.

"Our project specializes in the research and development, production, and sales of series products such as level instruments, pressure instruments, temperature instruments, flow instruments, analytical instruments, valves. These products are widely used in industries such as petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals, water treatment, and food. In the next steps, we will align with the development plan of Longkou Dawn New Materials Science and Technology Industrial Park, aiming to build a chemical equipment industry cluster with international competitiveness," said Li Jianpeng, the General Manager of Shandong Dongpeng Automatic Control Instrument Co., Ltd.

From 'stringing beads into chains' to 'gathering chains into clusters,' new industrial momentum is accelerating. On the occasion of New Year celebration, Dawn will take this observation meeting as an opportunity to adhere to established strategic goals and guiding principles, carefully plan and implement various tasks for the coming year, unite and focus efforts to ensure projects land early, complete construction early, start production early, and achieve results early, stimulate new vitality for the high-quality development of the enterprise and accelerate the creation of a world-class green, low-carbon, and high-end new material manufacturing base.