Media Report | Dawn Polymer Continued Production During The Spring Festival.

During the Spring Festival holiday, the machines were roaring there as usual in Dawn Polymer's production workshop, multiple production lines were operating at the same time, and the workers were on duty, checking the production status at any time. During the festival, the company's production equipment has been running at high speed, and the workers have chosen to give up rest, rush for progress, rush for orders, and work energetically on the front line of production.

"With the continuous growth of the company's product sales, the existing production capacity of our workshop has been fully released," said Zhao Yankun, director of Workshop Six in the company. "Our employees are working three shifts at full capacity. This Spring Festival, I have also chosen to forgo returning to my hometown in Taian to celebrate the New Year. I spent time with the workshop brothers and stuck to the front line of production. We have the confidence to complete business orders with quality assurance and meet the needs of our customers."

In the field of polymer new materials, Dawn Polymer relies on its strong technological innovation capabilities, dedicating itself to the R&D, production, and service of high-performance thermoplastic elastomers, modified plastics, and other products. It has developed a series of independent core technologies and achieved numerous scientific research results. Some of these achievements have filled domestic gaps, while others are at the forefront of international standards, making Dawn Polymer a leading and renowned enterprise in the industry.

"The current orders for our company are quite ample, more than double compared to the same period last year," said Zhao Qiuyan, a marketing manager. "During the Spring Festival period, all departments of the company are working closely together, putting in extra hours to ensure a good start in the first quarter."