Learn about Dawn's star products-PETG\PCTG from Chinaplas2024

On April 23rd, CHINAPLAS 2024 International Rubber & Plastics Exhibition grandly reopened at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center. This is the industry's annual event returning to Shanghai after a six-year hiatus.

Dawn Group showcased multiple core products and held a new product. The Dawn booth (Hall 6.2, Booth A72) attracted over 400 new and existing customers, with nearly 200 effective customers, demonstrating Dawn's industry recognition and influence.

A number of customers stopped by the center of the Dawn booth that day. So what exactly was the product that attracted so many customers? Let me tell you the answer! This product is our main product-PETG\PCTG.

Today I interviewed Eric Jiang, the general manager of Dawn Helf Company, and asked him to introduce Dawn's PETG\PCTG to us, so that everyone can better understand it and have more confidence in it.

Q: Could you please briefly introduce PETG/PCTG materials to us?

Eric Jiang:

 Sure!This is Eric Jiang from Dawn-Helf. PETG is a thermoplastic polyester that delivers significant chemical resistance, durability, and moldability for manufacturing. PETG is an adaptation of PET where the ‘G’ stands for glycol such as CHDM or NPG, which is added at a molecular level to offer different chemical and optical properties. Compare to PET, PETG has greater strength and durability, as well as being more impact resistant and better suited to higher temperatures. Adding more CHDM into the molecular chain, typically more than 40%, we can get PCTG, which has much higher impact performance, better chemical properties and higher heat deformation temperature (HDT) compare to PETG.

Q: What are PETG/PCTG Used For?

Eric Jiang:

PETG has applications in a range of industries due to being resistant to heat, impact and solvents. It is widely used for food/drink containers, cosmetic packaging, film/sheet applications such as ID card, advertising displays and shrinkable films.

PCTG has better physical and chemical properties than PETG. It’s an ideal candidate for water/milk bottle, small home appliances, e-cigarettes, medical devices etc.

Q: What are the advantages of PETG/PCTG

Eric Jiang:

PETG/PCTG offer a number of advantages over other substances, including acrylic and polycarbonate. These advantages include:

  1. Strong and Cost-Effective

PETG’s strength and impact resistance means it is ideal for glazing and high-strength display units. It is also ideal for 3D printing products, displays and signage.

  1. Food-Safe and Recyclable

PETG/PCTG don’t contain any BPA so they are safe for use for food containers and bottles for drinks. They are also fully recyclable, which reduces waste and the potential negative environmental impact. 

  1. Easily Formable

PETG/PCTG can be injection molded into a variety of shapes or extruded into sheets. PETG is both vacuum and thermo formable and can withstand high pressures without cracking.

  1. Easily Colored

PETG/PCTG are naturally transparent, which allows for unique optical effects, but both can also easily be colored and blended to create different appearances.

Q: What will be on the show?

Eric Jiang: We showcase a full range of molded parts from our customers which can cover applications like water bottles, cometic packaging, e-cigarettes, small home appliance etc. 

Thanks so much Mr. Jiang for sharing! I think you must have a clearer understanding of PETG\PCTG. I look forward to more customers discovering our PETG\PCTG at this exhibition and forming a stable cooperative relationship with us to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

If you are looking for copolyester PETG\PCTG or are exploring new opportunities, why not work with us? Our professional team is waiting for your arrival.