From Filtration to Protection: Exploring Meltblown Fabric's Medical Applications


Meltblown fabric, a crucial component in various medical supplies, plays a significant role in healthcare settings. Produced through a specialized manufacturing process, meltblown fabric offers unique properties that make it invaluable in medical applications.

Meltblown Fabric in Medical Masks

Filtration Efficiency: Meltblown fabric is renowned for its exceptional filtration capabilities, enabling medical masks to effectively trap airborne particles, including bacteria and viruses. According to studies, masks incorporating meltblown layers have shown filtration efficiencies exceeding 95%, crucial in preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

Protective Performance: Beyond filtration, meltblown fabric provides a protective barrier for healthcare workers and patients alike. By blocking respiratory droplets and aerosols, masks with meltblown layers reduce the risk of infection transmission in clinical environments.

Medical Apparel and Protective Equipment

Medical Protective Clothing: Meltblown fabric's lightweight and breathable nature make it ideal for manufacturing medical protective clothing. These garments offer healthcare professionals full-body protection against contaminants while ensuring comfort during prolonged wear.

Operating Room Supplies: In operating rooms, meltblown fabric finds application in sterile coverings and other medical equipment. Its sterile properties help maintain a hygienic surgical environment, reducing the risk of postoperative complications.

Wound Dressings and Medical Bandages

Role in Wound Management: Meltblown fabric is increasingly used in wound dressings due to its soft texture and excellent absorbency. It promotes healing by providing a moist environment conducive to tissue repair, making it suitable for various wound types, including burns and ulcers.

Flexibility and Breathability: Compared to traditional dressings, meltblown-based wound care products offer superior flexibility and breathability, enhancing patient comfort and facilitating healing.

Dawn’s Meltblown PP

Dawn Polymer has 20 years of production history of meltblown materials since 2003. The melt-blown material produced by high-quality polypropylene granule has the characteristics of stable MFR and small fluctuation range, narrow molecular weight distribution, low ash content, no other product residues, and excellent spinning performance. Due to Dawn's significant position in China's meltblown material industry, it took the lead in drafting the national standard GB/T 30923-2014 for plastics-Polypropylene materials for meltblown, playing a positive role in regulating the market and product quality of China's meltblown materials. Dawn Polymer has been the largest manufacturer of meltblown materials in China with a production capacity of 1,200 tons per day, and it has thousands of customers in China.

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