Exploring the Versatility of HNBR: Applications inAutomotive and Aerospace lndustries

Hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber (HNBR) triggered major advances in polymer technology. Derived from nitrile butadiene rubber (HNBR), hydrogenated to enhance its thermal stability and chemical resistance. This leap forward in materials science has made HNBR the first choice for a variety of industrial applications, especially in the automotive and aerospace sectors. Its exceptional properties, including superior strength, high temperature resistance and durability, make it a game changer in these industries. 

Application of HNBR in automobile industry

The automotive industry continues to seek materials that can withstand harsh conditions without compromising performance. HNBR effectively meets this need. Its applications in vehicle manufacturing are diverse, from under-the-hood components like timing belts and seals to fuel system components. These applications benefit from HNBR’s superior properties, such as oil, fuel and heat resistance, greatly increasing the service life and efficiency of automotive parts.

Case: High Performance Engine Seals

The application of HNBR in automobile engine manufacturing is one of its highlights. Through its excellent performance under high-temperature and high-pressure conditions, HNBR is widely used to manufacture high-performance engine seals, improving vehicle performance and fuel efficiency.

Case: fuel system components

HNBR's excellent oil and fuel resistance make it an ideal choice for fuel system components. From fuel lines to tank seals, HNBR plays a key role in increasing the life and efficiency of automotive components.

HNBR’s progress in aerospace

In the aerospace sector, the need for materials that can withstand extreme environmental conditions is critical. HNBR has become an important material in the industry, providing unparalleled performance under extreme temperatures and pressures. Its use in aerospace components, including seals, gaskets and hoses, has revolutionized the industry.

Case: Aviation seals

Among aviation seals, the excellent performance of HNBR ensures the reliability of seals and effectively improves the safety of aircraft at high altitudes and extreme temperature conditions.

Case: spacecraft hose

In spacecraft hoses, HNBR’s high temperature resistance and chemical resistance enable it to withstand extreme conditions in space, ensuring the stable operation of spacecraft during long-duration missions.

Comparison of HNBR and NBR

The main difference between them is that HNBR has greater durability and resistance to harsh conditions, including higher temperatures and corrosive chemicals.

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About Dawn HNBR

Dawn Special elastomer Company is an enterprise that develops, produces, and sells HNBR products with high technology content and high added value, and at the same time extends the processing and production of mixed rubber to downstream. The hydrogenated nitrile rubber plant has a designed capacity of 3,000 tons per year, and the first phase of 1,000 tons was officially produced in 2019.

The hydrogenated nitrile rubber HNBR produced by Dawn Special Elastomer Co., Ltd makes China the third country in the world to break through HNBR technology in industrialization besides Germany and Japan.

We have 4 HNBR grades with different hydrogenation degrees - DN3408, DN3418, DN3428, DN3448, which can meet the needs of different customers.

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