Empower Customers! Dawn Presents Its Core Products at Chinaplas 2023

On April 17th, the four-day CHINAPLAS 2023 kicked off at the Shenzhen World  Exhibition and convention Center in Guangdong. Dawn Group, which takes manufacturing "green, low-carbon high-end new materials" as its mission, participated in the exhibition with a variety of core products. According to statistics, Dawn's booth attracted more than 500 new and old customers and nearly 200 effective customers on that day, demonstrating the strength of Dawn's enterprise and brand charm. Yu Xiaoning, chairman and president of Dawn Group, guided the work on the spot and negotiated with important customers.

With the growth of China's plastics and rubber industry, CHINAPLAS 2023 has developed into the largest rubber and plastics exhibition in Asia and one of the top rubber and plastics exhibitions in the world for more than 30 years. It was understood that this exhibition with the theme of "Starting a new journey, shaping the future, and creating win-win cooperation with innovation" set a record high with an exhibition area of 380,000 square meters. Dawn Group and nearly 3,900 high-quality exhibitors from the world participated in the grand event, presenting the speed and passion of rubber and plastic technology.

As one of the top 500 private enterprises in China, Dawn Group has more than 30 years of industrial accumulation, and has developed into a modern enterprise group focusing on the R&D, polymerization, production, sales and application of new materials. At this exhibition, Dawn's booth set up 10 exhibition areas, including chemical and plastic industry ecosystem, automobile industry and new energy, household communications, copolyester plastics, plastic packaging materials, medical and health, sports, color masterbatch, HNBR special rubber, biological degradation and recycling, titanium dioxide and ultramarine, to empower customers with rich products, advanced technology and high-quality services.

At the booth site, the electronic screens in different positions scrolled to play the promotional videos of Dawn Group in Chinese and English, the promotional videos of Longkou New Material Science and Technology Industrial Park, the promotional videos of Antsoo business, and the animated videos about core products, business philosophy and beautiful vision. Exhibitors warmly received customers and answered professional questions in detail. Among the visiting customers, there were not only well-known enterprises from the United States, South Korea, India, Poland, Brazil, Vietnam, Thailand, Russia and other countries, but also partners such as Chinese State-owned enterprises and large private enterprises. Leaders of China Plastics Processing Industry Association and other associations visited Dawn's booth to learn about product development and application.


In the afternoon of April 17th, Dawn Group successively introduced the conductive/anti-static materials for electronic component carrier tapes, technology development and market application of supercritical gas physical foaming extruded sheet (PLA/PP), production technology and application of PEXb pipe material, application of titanium dioxide in plastic profiles, new waterproof membrane TPO material, industrialization progress and application of PBAT, 3C product material recommendation and market application, etc, in its new material promotion and application technology sub-forumwhich attracted audiences from scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, industry associations and professional manufacturers. The speech was wonderful on the stage, and the audience listened carefully. The audience raised their hands to ask questions from time to time, and the venue was filled with a strong interactive atmosphere.


Thermoplastic elastomer materials, degradable materials, plastic packaging materials... green and low-carbon new materials were favored by customers, and self-developed high value-added new materials led the industry trend, demonstrating Dawn's concept of healthy and sustainable development. Chairman Yu Xiaoning said that the "exhibition" had unlimited business opportunities. Exhibitors should take advantage of the opportunity of participating in the exhibition to understand the market, capture information, track results, and master the ability to empower customers. Managers should be good at discovering new materials, new technologies and new business opportunities, which will help them continue to deepen the industrial chain, product chain and enterprise chain, provide customers with green, low-carbon and high-end new material solutions, and win a bright future with partners.