Dawn's Factory in Russia Received Government Appreciation!

"Thank you for your significant contribution to the economic development and progress of Yelabuga City and the Yelabuga Industrial Zone. " On October 24th, at the annual economic development exchange event held in Yelabuga City, Republic of Tatarstan, Mayor Lulev Rustam presented a letter of appreciation to Dawn Indell LLC, acknowledging Dawn's outstanding performance at its Russian factory.

As the first overseas entity project, Dawn Indell is a joint venture between Dawn Polymer' subsidiary, Qingdao New Materials Company, and Indell Limited. It primarily engages in the research, production, application, and product services related to modified plastics, including modified ABS plastics and modified PP polypropylene. On July 27th of last year, the first ton of PP long glass fiber material officially rolled off the production line, marking the commencement of factory operations.

"Since the establishment of the company, we have continuously strengthened infrastructure transformation, completed the installation and commissioning of homogenization tank equipment, and installed and tested the extrusion production line." Wei Xiaoming, general manager of Dawn Indell LLC, said when attending the exchange meeting, " In the third quarter of this year alone, we provided more than 20 jobs for the Yelabuga region and paid about 54 million rubles in taxes."

General Manager Wei Xiaoming said that the company has reached an overseas warehouse agreement with the Russian Haier factory to solved the bulk material inventory and logistics pressure for major customers, which provided professional services and support while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. "Next year, we will successively put another two extrusion production lines into production and expand the scale of overseas warehouse trade, striving to achieve the goal of being the top supplier of modified plastics in the Russian white home appliance industry."

In the future, Dawn Indell will take root in Russia with localized R&D, manufacturing and marketing models, and deeply integrate into the country's "the Belt and Road" construction, which will help expand Dawn’s market in Europe, promote the implementation of the company's international development strategy, accelerate the realization of "management modernization, industrial technologicalization, and market internationalization", and enhance the awareness, reputation and competitiveness of Dawn brand.