Dawn's Development of Marine New Materials Industry Supports Offshore Equipment Manufacturing

Dawn Group, in collaboration with Beijing University of Chemical Technology, dedicated 10 years to overcome various technical challenges, including the development of highly efficient and selective catalysts, and efficient catalytic hydrogenation processes. Finally, they achieved the localization of hydrogenated nitrile rubber production. Four years ago, this seemingly small achievement of hydrogenated nitrile rubber made China the third country globally, after Japan and Germany, to possess independent intellectual property rights for the preparation technology of this material.

 Executive Vice President of Dawn Group, Xiao Hui, stated that over the years, in addition to receiving the National Technology Invention Award, Dawn Group has also overcome key technical challenges in the application of hydrogenated nitrile rubber in the marine industry. By focusing on the development of "seven high-ends" and strengthening "four cores", the company has now been a leading enterprise in the marine industry.

According to reports, while retaining properties like oil resistance and abrasion resistance found in NBR,Hydrogenated nitrile rubber also offers superior heat and oxygen aging resistance, ozone resistance, radiation resistance, chemical resistance, and excellent dynamic performance. It is a high-performance specialty rubber. Now,hydrogenated nitrile rubber is widely used in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, and petroleum drilling. In offshore drilling platforms, it is primarily used in drilling protection covers, oil well packers, and submersible pump cable sheathing for ultra-deep wells.

Currently, relying on the Longkou Dawn New Materials Science and Technology Industrial Park, Dawn Group is actively building high-end polyolefin industry chains, degradable material industry chains, titanium industry chains, and chemical equipment industries. It has also established a "management modernization, market internationalization and industry technicalization" platform and a research and development network known as "12310",and continuously increased their investment in marine science and technology to effectively enhance their technological capabilities in support of the marine sector.

Marine new materials are one of the three leading industries that the Marine High-tech Zone is focusing on for development. As a leading company in polymer material research and production, Dawn Group will continue to accelerate key technological breakthroughs and applications, create an industrial development system that is vertically integrated, horizontally linked, and coordinated up and down the supply chain, and achieve rapid development for the marine new materials industry cluster in the Marine High-tech Zone by expanding into new material application areas and increasing production capacity.

 "Establishing Shandong's first marine high-tech zone in Longkou City will play a significant role in shaping the marine enterprise industry chain in the future. It also provides a rare opportunity for Dawn Group and industrial park to achieve leapfrog development," said Executive Vice President Xiao Hui. In the future, they will leverage their own advantages in research, industry, parks, and talent, make the most of the strategic, market, platform, and policy dividends of Marine High-tech Zone, and contribute more to the development of Marine High-tech Zone and the local economy and society.