Dawn TPV: Transforming the Automotive, Sports, Construction, and Water Industries

DAWNPRENE TPV is a Thermoplastic Dynamic Vulcanizate (TPV), in which rubber undergoes vulcanization reaction within the molten plastic phase while being sheared into micron-sized sulfurized rubber particles, forming a sea-island structure of rubber-plastic two-phase system. This coexisting two-phase system endows TPV materials with the respective characteristics of both rubber and plastic. It can be thermoplastically processed, fully recyclable, and possesses excellent resilience, making it a sustainable alternative to rubber with energy-saving and eco-friendly properties. Various technical indicators meet or exceed international standards, filling the domestic gap, and being recognized as a key new national product. Its production technology has been awarded the National Technology Invention Second Prize.

Dawnprene TPV in the Automotive Industry

  • Sealing Series: Including automotive weatherstrips for door seals, water seals, corner window seals, windshield and sunroof seals, etc. These seals have good rebound properties, aging resistance, and UV resistance. They have been certified by numerous mainstream automotive manufacturers at home and abroad and are used for both static and dynamic sealing in automobiles. They can be co-extruded with PP.
  • Interior and Exterior Series: Including automotive airbag frames, interior leather, ventilation cover corner trims, interior gaskets, etc. The materials offer excellent formability, low odor, and low VOC emissions, meeting the requirements of various automotive manufacturers.
  • Engine, Chassis, Suspension, and Steering Peripherals Series: Including dust covers (such as shock absorber dust covers, steering gear boots, etc.), intake pipes, etc. The materials are blow-molded and applied in multiple vehicle models.
  • New Energy Vehicle Battery and Motor Peripherals Series: Including coolant water pipes, etc.

Dawnprene TPV in the Sports Industry

  • Athletic Track: The excellent flexibility and resilience of TPV pellets provide effective cushioning and anti-slip effects, while reducing pressure and friction during direction changes in sports activities and providing cushioning in case of accidents. It offers effective protection and safety. With 26 colors available, personalized color combinations and patterns can be designed, creating visually appealing and personalized venue effects. The product has excellent weather resistance and a long service life.
  • Soft Plastic Suspended Modular Flooring: The product features excellent resilience, rich colors, long-lasting service life, environmental friendliness, health, and safety. It is widely used in campuses, kindergartens, basketball courts, and other areas.

Dawnprene TPV in the Construction Industry

  • New Waterproof Membrane Series: The product boasts high tensile strength, tear resistance, weather resistance, and excellent welding performance, making it suitable for waterproofing applications on roofs, underground structures, etc.
  • Building Seal Strip Series: The product offers superior sealing performance, excellent aging resistance, weather resistance, and long service life. It can be co-extruded with PP for various applications.

Dawnprene TPV in Water Contact Applications

  • Bathroom Water Pipe Series: The product exhibits excellent high-temperature pulse performance, good moldability, NSF certification for safety and hygiene, and is applied in high-end bathroom braided pipes.
  • Water Pump Diaphragm Series: The product ensures safety and hygiene, excellent fatigue resistance, superior sealing performance, and a long service life.


Dawnprene TPV is making a significant impact across the automotive, sports, construction, and water industries. Its unique properties provide enhanced performance, durability, and sustainability, making it a valuable material choice.

We invite businesses to explore the benefits of Dawnprene TPV and consider it for their material needs. Contact Dawn Group for more information and discover how our solutions can transform your industry.