Dawn Titanium dioxide boosts your business

Shandong Dawn Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. is currently the only titanium dioxide production enterprise in China that uses high-titanium slag as raw material for the sulfate process. Dawn Titanium Industry aims to build an environmentally friendly enterprise and has established a "technology innovation, clean production, and green development" approach based on low-carbon, energy-saving titanium dioxide production processes. Its products are widely used in coatings, profiles, papermaking, plastics, inks, and other fields.

  • R-2195 is a general-purpose titanium dioxide with silica-alumina coating, featuring a slightly yellowish undertone and relatively balanced pigment performance. It is suitable for various applications.
  • R-2295 is a titanium dioxide coated with zirconium and aluminum, characterized by high gloss and tinting strength.
  • R-2395 is a high weather-resistant product that enhances the durability and lightfastness of products.
  • R-2595 is a high lightfastness titanium dioxide specially developed for the decorative paper industry.
  • R-3195 is a high-opacity general-purpose plastic product with excellent hydrophobic properties and low VOC emissions.
  • R-3395 is a pigment concentrate-specific product, known for its excellent blue undertone and dispersibility, especially in the film and sheet industries, where it exhibits excellent flowability and compatibility.
  • R-5195 exhibits excellent opacity and whiteness and is mainly used in latex paints and offset printing inks.
  • R-5395 is a titanium dioxide specifically designed for ink applications, characterized by high opacity and low abrasiveness.

Choose Dawn's titanium dioxide, and there will always be one that suits your business needs! Cooperate with us to promote the long-term development of your business!