Dawn SWT's High-end Bi-component Nonwoven Fabric Received Acclaim at the 30th CIDPEX

On May 16th, the 30th CIDPEX, which lasted for three days, concluded in Nanjing, Jiangsu. Dawn SWT along with multiple core products, participated in the exhibition and received nearly a thousand new and existing customers. By providing differentiated solutions to customers with high-end dual-component nonwoven fabrics, Dawn SWT enhanced its brand visibility and influence.


According to the introduction, 2023 CIDPEX covers exhibitors from the upstream and downstream sectors, including household paper, sanitary products, and maternal and child health. It brought together nearly 900 companies to participate in the exhibition. Unlike previous years, 2023 CDPEX is the first industry event after the pandemic. There has been a sustained high level of attention to product quality and efficiency within the industry. Topics such as green and healthy products, as well as sustainable development, have become hot issues of discussion.



As a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise and a "Gazelle Enterprise" in Shandong Province, Dawn SWT possesses core technologies in the research, development, manufacturing, and application of nonwoven equipment, as well as nonwoven fabric processes, formulations, production, and application. The company independently developed and put into operation the first domestic parallel twin-component nonwoven fabric production line. It has unique development technologies and a comprehensive set of solutions for the production of BICO S/S nonwoven fabrics. Dawn SWT is dedicated to becoming an expert in soft nonwoven fabrics.

The BICO S/S Aqua Cotton Spunbonded Nonwoven series products produced by Dawn SWT has the characteristics of spiral curling of fibers, uniform cloth surface, high fluffy, super cotton softness, good drapability, high air permeability and excellent skin-friendly Performance. The performance of product has reached the international leading level. The newly developed "14gsm new Silky" Bi-component Sheath-core nonwoven fabric has better bulkiness and silky texture while reducing the weight. According to reports, the Bi-component Sheath-core nonwoven new silk soft series products have high strength, uniform cloth surface, high and stable bonding strength with air-through non-woven fabrics, and feel smoother and more delicate.

At the exhibition venue, Dawn SWT showcased their BICO S/S Aqua Cotton products series and Bi-component Sheath-core nonwoven New Silky series products, providing customers with an exceptional experience of softness and skin-friendliness. Many leaders from domestic and international top brands visited to exchange ideas, discussing product technologies and the future development direction of the textile industry. They expressed their appreciation for Dawn SWT's leading technology and quality in nonwoven fabrics and made plans to further deepen cooperation details after the exhibition concluded.

As the industry event comes to a close, the pursuit of excellence never stops. In the future, Dawn SWT will continue to put into production a series of products such as BICO two-component water-repellent partitions and hydrophilic surface layers, and rely on the Dawn New Material Technology Industrial Park in Longkou City to continue to integrate the park's unique material modification advantages and actively Explore the research and development of functional and degradable fields, comprehensively upgrade and enrich the product chain, create value for customers with "healthier, greener, and more convenient" products, and jointly lead the new trend of industry development.