CNY 16.097 Billion! Dawn Brand Value Reached New High

On May 11th, coinciding with the 8th "China Brand Day", the 2024 China Brand Value Evaluation Information Release Conference was held in Deqing, Zhejiang. Dawn Group's brand value increased by CNY 10.3 billion compared to last year, with a brand strength of 847, reaching a new historical high. It was reported that this year, 1034 brands participated in the evaluation, and brand value evaluations were released for 775 of them, with an average brand value increase of CNY 21 billion.

The "China Brand Value Evaluation Information Release" is jointly organized by Xinhua News Agency, China Council for Brand Development, China Appraisal Society, and other units. It is an important initiative to establish a Chinese characteristic brand value evaluation mechanism, promote positive energy of Chinese brands, and facilitate their global presence. The evaluation and information release adhere to international and national standards, following the work principles of "scientific, fair, open, and recognized". It receives widespread attention and recognition from the society, and is known as the Chinese Brand Value Gold List.


The continuous growth of brand value showcases Dawn's pioneering spirit and industrial position. In 2023, Dawn Group continued to enhance its industrial chain, product chain, and enterprise chain, reaching new heights in operational strength and yielding fruitful results in brand building. At international rubber and plastics exhibitions, the China International Coatings Exhibition, and the International Paint and Coatings Exhibition held in Russia, Dawn's titanium dioxide and "Shuanglong" ultramarine made a splendid appearance, exuding vitality and attracting international attention. In the 9th Petroleum and Chemical Industry Brand Story Essay Competition, Dawn's brand story stood out.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important discourse on "transforming 'Made in China' to 'Created in China,' shifting from 'Chinese speed' to 'Chinese quality,' and changing 'Chinese products' to 'Chinese brands'." Dawn Group will deepen the implementation of its brand strategy, adhere to the business philosophy of "products-rooted, people-oriented, technology-driven, and customer-centric", delve deeper into the field of new materials, persist in innovation-driven development, continuously improve its brand strategy, establish a sound brand management system, enrich its brand communication system, and fully leverage the important role of brand leadership in enhancing the core competitiveness of the enterprise.