At the CIDPEX2024, Dawn-SWT's New Product Gained Popularity

From May 15th to 17th, the CIDPEX2024 was held at the Nanjing International Expo Center. Dawn-SWT's 17g 3D aqua cotton plus, 13g white aqua cotton HO non-woven fabrics and other core products gained popularity during the exhibition, attracting more than 200 Chinese and overseas customers to negotiate and exchange, further enhancing Dawn-SWT's brand awareness and industrial influence.

As the largest and most professional exhibition in China's household paper industry, it is the best platform for Chinese and foreign companies to display their images, learn about new products and technologies in the industry, and expand markets at home and abroad. This exhibition brought together nearly 900 exhibitors from upstream and downstream of household paper, sanitary products, medical care, elderly care and welfare, maternal and infant health, and green health. Among them, the household paper exhibition area and the sanitary products exhibition area gathered nearly a hundred well-known companies in the industry, displaying various high value-added products.

"Our newly developed 17g 3D aqua cotton plus parallel bi-component nonwoven fabric has better skin-friendly feel and zero irritation." According to Zou Binghuan, general manager of Dawn-SWT Company said. The product has more uniform fabric surface and small spiral curled fibers. While reducing the weight, it also takes the fluffy, soft and breathable characteristics into account. It also has a delicate skin-friendly soft feel and excellent mechanical properties, which is widely used in bottom films, waistlines, etc. In addition, the new product on display this time was 13g white aqua cotton  HO non-woven fabric with large spiral curls. It is fluffy, breathable and soft, bringing the ultimate comfortable experience to exhibitors.

New customers from India were very interested in 17g 3D aqua cotton plus parallel bi-component nonwoven fabric. They had an in-depth communication lasting 40 minutes and decided to discuss cooperation matters in detail after the exhibition. Many R&D and procurement personnel from strategic customers at home and abroad came to Dawn-SWT’s booth to discuss product technology and negotiate business cooperation."We invite new customers to come to the company for on-site inspections and reach incremental and in-depth cooperation intentions with old customers. We have gained a lot from this exhibition!" said General Manager Zou Binghuan.

As a national high-tech enterprise and a gazelle enterprise in Shandong Province, Dawn-SWT has mastered the core technologies of nonwoven equipment R&D and manufacturing and the entire process of nonwoven fabric from technology, formula, production to application. It puts the first parallel bi-component nonwoven production line in China into production, and it is committed to becoming a "nonwoven softness expert". The company's core product is the parallel bi-component non-woven aqua cotton series, which has a uniform fabric surface, fluffy and soft feel, good drapability, high breathability and excellent skin-friendly properties. The overall technology of the "Complete set of key technologies for the preparation and industrialization of bi-component spunbond nonwoven materials" project has reached the international advanced level.

Product-rooted, people-oriented, technology-led, and customer- centric. Dawn-SWT will take this exhibition as an opportunity to actively seek strategic partners, seize more market opportunities, continue to make efforts in product development of green degradation, parallel component SMMS, and alternative hot air non-woven fabrics, and create the largest one in China and the leading one in the world for the R&D and production base of parallel bi-component nonwovens to meet customers’ development needs and lead the industrial development direction.